Motivated Women Entrepreneurs

Motivated Women Entrepreneurs 

Today, more women are breaking free from the traditional, gender-specific roles and venturing into the business world. Not only are they able to equalize their duties of both motherhood and entrepreneurship, and they are holding high corporate positions, but they are also successful women entrepreneurs who own almost half of all businesses in the United States. 

1. Studies have shown that successful Women entrepreneurs start their businesses as a second or third profession. Many of them have experienced a considerable amount of dissatisfaction with their previous careers and in working for others. Often times, these innate desires to be their own boss are the driving forces that motivated them to pursue entrepreneurship.

2. Recent studies also indicate that women entrepreneurs are assembling themselves into groups or confederacies. The reasons behind this trend have to do with the desire to establish solid women business networks, where members can collectively pool resources and expertise together.

3. Even though many female entrepreneurs have home-based and service-related businesses, they are unafraid of technology and have recently entered many industries that were once male-dominated, such as construction, design, manufacturing, and architecture. In addition, the retail industry still makes up the largest share of women-owned firms.

4. One of the advantages of working in a women-owned new business is that the workforce is more diverse. Women entrepreneurs are more likely to employ a staff that is more gender-balanced, comprising of 52% women and 48% men on average. On the other hand, most male-owned businesses have a workforce that is often more than 65% men.

5. The fact that more women entrepreneurs have risen in the past few years has been made possible in part by the easy availability of business capital. Women entrepreneurs tend to fund their startups with different sources of funding, including “bootstrap” finances (personal money from savings and credit cards) and commercial loans. Today, not only are there more grants and bank loans made available to women entrepreneurs, but there are also more diversity programs that specialize in providing seed funding to female business owners.

6. Much of a business woman’s drive to pursue entrepreneurship is due to the immense passion she has for her work. Many women entrepreneurs are not afraid of taking risks and are two times more likely to make above average risks than their male equivalent, making monetary gain a less likely factor in their business pursuits. Instead, they possess very strong business ideas and seek any and all means to share their business ideas with others who may benefit from their discoveries.
Another motivating factor behind women entrepreneurs is the desire for control. Many successful female business owners are provoked by the opportunity to be their own boss and run their own company, a prospect that would never occur if they had worked for someone else.