Benefit in Business By Helping Others

We build companies by creating products and services that others pay for – that is the basis of any business. The idea that our companies are in the service of others, such as providing jobs, offer products and services, generate profits that house, feed and care for our families, changes the way we look at what we’ve built.

We consider business success by measuring annual revenue, number of employees, units shipped, profits earned and possibly even the number of days off.

As you prepare to take your company to the next level and plan the company’s needs to make that happen, I hope that you also take your personal needs into consideration.

Things that you need to change might be getting more sleep to improve mental productivity and schedule more breaks from work to improve focus and clarity. I’m betting that you’ve started planning trips to the gym to decrease stress and improve endurance and health.

Helping others is the best way I know to put things into perspective. One can Volunteer or Become a Mentor.