The Importance of Target Marketing

In Any Business you must:

1. Know Your Target Market 
2. Create the Message pertinent to that market.

Target marketing is the act of developing campaigns designed to hone in on a specific group of people. If you are a marketer in any capacity, it’s likely that you already know how to do target marketing; but this guide will help you narrow your focus even further. 
Whether you are attempting to market a business, a product or a service, you will soon learn to find just the group who’s interested and ready to buy. To begin, start thinking about keyword terms you yourself would use to search online for whatever you’re trying to market.

Anyone who provides similar products and services as your company would be target marketing the same group.

Facebook’s Graph Search offers a great example of how to do target marketing effectively. With Graph Search you can find like-minded people by entering queries consisting of specific targeted variables.

Online Forums

Take to Google or other search engine and type in one of your keyword terms. Your goal is to find a community message board or forum in the search results. This is where your target market potentially hangs out. Forums and message boards are terrific for target marketing, because you’re essentially able to spy on entire conversations.
People search for products and services online typically because they’re trying to solve some issue they’re facing. Focus on Solving Problems involving your products or services.

If you haven’t already done so, create profiles on all of the social networks and all of the message boards and forums that you have used in your research up until now. Then, just be social, and not too spammy.
Your Target Marketing methods should never stop.