The Mindset of the Rich

The Rich have an unwavering mindset of never giving up.
The Rich make moves and decisions. Less talking and more doing.
The Rich figure out a way to make things happen. 
The Rich do not depend on others to provide opportunities for them. If they cannot go through the door, they will go through the window.
The Rich surround themselves with like-minded individuals when it comes to wealth. They find those who know significantly more then they do, so they can learn and grow.
The Rich do plenty of research, and they know their business inside and out. 
The Rich work more off of logic instead of emotion.

The Rich stay in the know. 
Find mentors, do internships or whatever will keep your knowledge fresh and current.
The Rich turn their passions into opportunity.
The Rich continuously put time and effort into their businesses.
The Rich dare to be different, and are risk takers.
The Rich did not let failures stop them. The failures instead empowered them. 
One must learn how to push through failures and obstacles.

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