Establishing Your Brand

A ‘personal brand’ is in many ways synonymous with your 

reputation. It refers to the way other people see you.

A clean and professional appearance is a vital part of building your brand. 

You need to make sure that your content is updated regularly and that what you publish is current information.

Work on building your brand and your reputation to keep people coming to you.

Be Different and be creative and set yourself apart 

Get your name in as many places as possible, so you will be able to start building an audience, website, blogging, social media etc.

Look at your personal brand as an investment
People will follow your brand from project to project if they feel connected to it. When launching new projects, your personal brand has the potential to guarantee you never have to start from scratch again.

Keep your brand fresh
No matter how good your content is, you'll risk seeming stale and repetitive if you don’t continue adding new elements to your brand. You can’t ride one idea forever. Keep adding new layers to what you represent.

Build name recognition with influencers,
celebrities, experts, etc. 
In this instance an influencer is any person with an audience that you want to reach. 

Run A Blog or Website that is all You.

  •  It gives people a place to develop a stronger connection with you. 
    • Put time and effort into your About page and use it to paint a picture of your ideal personal brand. People will only remember a few things about you, so focus on telling the story that contributes most to your brand. Use your personal story as the basis for your expertise.