One of the Keys to Winning in Business

One of the Keys to Winning in Business is Knowing the Difference Between Selling, Marketing and Advertising
  1. Advertising — which pulls the consumer towards whatever you’re offering. 
  2. Visual Merchandising — which pushes what you’re offering toward those approaching consumers.
  3. Personal Selling Skills — which close any gap left by the first two.


The traditional definition of marketing is “identify a need and satisfy that need.”

  1. Market research — identifying peoples’ needs, attitudes, emotional responses and locations, and how best to reach them.
  2. Product Research and Development — creating the products or services that will satisfy the marketplace’s needs.
  3. Testing — This involves testing everything about the process, from the research results, the products and services, the pricing, distribution, sales and PR strategies and systems.
  4. Distribution — how to bring the product/service and the consumer together at the same time and place.
  5. Pricing — ensuring that you trade profitably, taking all costs and on-costs into account.
  6. Selling — How you get consumers to actually buy your products and services.

   7. Market Communications - Includes every level of communication with your target market. It includes corporate identity, branding, product identification, advertising, packaging, publications, Internet Presence (Social Media, Website), signage, etc.

So advertising is the highest leverage of the three selling methods. But, because we confuse it with public relations, selling and marketing, instead of them "working together synergistically to produce exponentially greater results than any of them could produce on their own," we end up bare results.

  • Advertising is a function of the selling process, internet ads,
  • flyers, newspapers, magazines, billboards etc.
  • Selling is a function of the marketing process.
  • Public Relations is also a function of the marketing process, separate from selling and advertising.

Get these differences and the connecting relationships clear in your mind and you can begin to increase their individual and combined power in your business.

If you integrate all three you will win. 

It will not happen overnight. You must put the daily time and effort into it. Consistency and Persistence is Important.