Project a positive business image.

Project a positive business image.
You have to make a positive and memorable impression on people with whom you intend to do business. Home business owners must go out of their way and make a conscious effort to always project the most professional business image possible. The majority of home business owners do not have the advantage of fabulous offices or expensive storefronts to wow prospective customers. Instead, they must rely on creativity and attention to the smallest detail when creating and maintaining a professional image for their home business.

Get to know your customers.
One of the best features the home based entrepreneur has over the larger competitors is the he can offer personalized attention. 
The home business owner can actually answer phone calls, get to know customers, provide personal attention and win over repeat business by doing so. It's a researched fact that most of your business will come from repeat customers rather than new customers. Therefore, while trying to bring in new customers, the more you can do to maintain your regular customers, the better off you will be in the long run. 

Personalized attention is very much appreciated and remembered by customers in the modern high tech world.