Tips to Build Customer Loyalty

Have potential customers connect to YOU. 
Have a photo of yourself on your About Us page. 
Tell your Story so your customers can get to know YOU!!!

Provide Excellent Customer Service.

Look Sharp. This goes for you and your Brand. 
Have a Crisp, professional website, business cards, and an overall professional image. 
Make people fall in LOVE with your Brand. 
Your Brand's Image adds to your Credibility. 
90% of buying decisions are influenced by VISUAL Factors.

Create a BLOG. Inform your followers what you are doing in your business, and sprinkle in personal aspects of your life to again connect with your audience.

A lot of people buy based on emotions. 
Stir up their emotions about you, they will stick with you.

Sell a Great Experience!!! Also Offer great products and services that solve people's problems or that make people feel good about themselves.

Under Promise and Over Deliver.
Offer FREE Giveaways and Discount Coupons.
Build Customer Loyalty.

Encourage Feedback and add Testimonials to your website.