Provide meaningful content that matters to your Social Media Fans

  • See your fans and followers as people first, customers second. 
  • Make that vital connection as human-to-human. Befriend people, follow them and take an interest in them as much as you expect the same back. Interact and talk the talk with them. 
  • Provide meaningful content that matters. What you share, say and produce online must have resonance for your followers. Link with people and organizations that your brand should be linked with and share their content around too, and converse with them openly online.
  • Be knowledgeable rather than jumping on bandwagons. Hashtags on Twitter and Facebook campaigns can be compelling. But do they match what your brand is trying to say? 
  • While it is important to trust those of your employees who are representing you on social media, be sure that they "get" what it means to connect and interact with others online. Your business cannot afford rudeness or faux pas caused by lack of motivation.
  • Learn from errors made using social media and online resources. Mistakes will happen and your business will recover from them. Learn the lessons these incidents teach you and don't repeat them.