Tips for Writing & Selling Your Book

Once your book is written, your work is not done. It's also your job to promote and sell it.

Know your goal. 
Before you start writing your book or e-book, figure out what you want to get out of it. 
Are you seeking academic credibility, or literary acclaim? Is this an emotional journey, a spiritual journey, or a business exercise? Your goals should help dictate your publishing path.

You have to sell yourself first. 
If you’re taking the traditional route, your book proposal will need the basics, of course—an overview, sample chapter, and bio. But agents and publishers will also want a marketing plan and a full list of your usable contacts. Your social media profile will be key. 
Also Brand Yourself by having a website with YOUR Name. Once your audience connects with YOU, they will keep coming back to see your products and services.

Start tweeting, blogging, and booking speaking dates NOW. 
As with all things that involve marketing these days, the greater your social networking imprint—the more “friends,” followers, traffic, and likes you have—before you even start writing, the easier it will be to get your work published and, of course, promoted once the writing is done.

Be ready to work if publishing the book yourself!!
If you do not have a major publishing company behind your book, you will have to sell and promote it yourself. 
E-Books are inexpensive to produce and if you have created a social media following, you can market weekly and make money in your sleep.

Plan to invest more than creative energy. 
You’ll need to invest some cash in order to ensure that your book is well edited, fact-checked, and proofread.

You need LOTS of TIME, not just to write the book, but to have it move through the publishing process, (if not self published), and then to promote it.

Try to get high profile endorsements of your book (if possible). Meet and Greet. Make Connections!!

You won’t get rich quick, so do not do it for the money.

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