Women Entrepreneur Spotlight - Nyeasha Mobley

Name: Nyeasha Mobley
Email: info@naturaldivinitybeauty.com

Give us a Brief Bio of yourself and your Business.: 
Natural Divinity is a retail website for natural hair and body care products.

In May of 2009, I decided to overcome my fears and go natural for the first time. With the encouragement and inspiration of my husband, I decided to stop chemically processing my hair and completed a big chop. The first year was a learning curve for me as I spent countless hours researching and educating myself. After a while I decided to experiment with my own concoctions. 

Four years later, with the encouragement and support of my husband, we have birthed Natural Divinity, uniquely designed to focus on healthy hair and skin care. 

Natural Divinity's mission is dedicated to providing the highest quality of Customer Service and the finest quality of organic raw material through a sense of trust. We look forward to you growing with us and building a long term relationship, as our customers and "Your Pure Essence at it Best."

What has been the greatest obstacle for you in your industry?: 
Branding, many people are skeptical to try products they have never heard of before.

Where do you see your brand in 5-10 years? What is your ultimate goal?: 
We see ourselves moving from a online retail to having a salon where for naturals featuring our own product line and becoming a common household name.

If you could give one piece of advice to anyone who is trying to create the career/business of their dreams, what would it be?: 
Stay focused, you will most likely hit a few dips in the road along the way, but don't lose your drive or determination to keep pressing forward until you see your dreams become your reality.

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