Secrets of Success in Business

Making Good Decisions

You make decisions every day. With every choice, you have lots of options. If you can avoid the bad, worse and worst decisions, first by recognizing them, then by avoiding them, you can do well. 
If you want to be really successful, identify the best option and pursue it. 
Really successful people learn the best ways to spend capital and 1 year of time to get the maximum return. 
Never be satisfied with good decisions. Look to make better decisions until you consistently recognize and pursue the best decisions.


NO investment comes close to the investment you can make in yourself.
First that means investing in education in whatever form that may be.
In one of my first entrepreneurial efforts I took $1,000 and started an online store. In 10 months I had $7,000 in inventory and $20,000 in my business bank account. 
Try and find an investment vehicle that comes anywhere close to that kind of return.

You'll notice the most successful business people own a business, PERIOD!!!!
Becoming an executive at someone else's business is good, but owning a business and investing in it is the best investment you can make. You don't get rich by hoping for the best and guessing what your return will be. 

Successful people often recognize you have to give to get. 
They understand people, they listen in conversations, and if you converse with one, you both probably walk away feeling good about the conversation and that you got something out of it. Successful people can manipulate and influence others without them even knowing it.

Successful people stay motivated.

If you find yourself bored and looking for something to do, then you are doing something wrong. Successful people are tireless, almost never satisfied with anything, and always trying to learn more. 
Always read. Always learn. Never let a moment go to waste. Enjoy through recreation or use it to further yourself in some way.

Success doesn't change successful people.

Warren Buffet still reads a lot. It's part of what made him successful. But the most successful people in the world recognize that whatever it took to become successful is what it takes to REMAIN successful. A lot of successful people have lost that success. You can find stories of former professional athletes, millionaires at one point, who go bankrupt. They worked hard to become successful, but it appears after earning their success, the hard work stopped, and with it their success.

The secret to becoming successful is the same secret to remaining successful after you achieve initial success.

Success means different things to different people.

And therein lies the secret to happiness and success. You have to recognize that whatever makes someone else feel happy and successful won't necessarily do the same for you. Pursue your own personal happiness and success and not someone else's.