Tina Knowles Talks About Life After Divorce, Business and Having Low Self-Esteem

According to the Society Diaries,  Knowles, who was the keynote for the Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation’s 8th annual Women & Money Leadership luncheon last week, opened up about being the youngest of five children growing up in Galveston, TX.

Although she and her siblings attended Catholic school, Knowles’ parents had to barter services to cover the costs.
“I became a warrior at 5. I refused to let them take my spirit. I decided I would never let anyone decide who I was,” she said, while taking the audience on a journey covering her move to California as a make-up artist from Galveston as well as her marriage to Matthew Knowles.

According to Knowles, problems surfaced in he marriage soon after becoming pregnant with her famous daughter Beyoncé. Low self-esteem kicked in for Tina, who was out of work for four years. Nevertheless, she overcame her situation as she got back on her feet and opened her own hair salon. Regarding her divorce after more than 30 years of marriage to Matthew Knowles, Tina said the ordeal was something that need to be done, considering how old she was at the time.

“At 58, I knew I had to get a divorce, “ Tina Knowles told her audience. “At that age, it’s an almost impossible thing to go through. I had been married for 33 years. I didn’t know anything else.”