Indique Co-Founder Erica Dotson Speaks About Her Million Dollar Luxury Extensions Line

Indique is known for their high quality extensions that outfit celebs and everyday women with virgn straight, kinky and curly tresses. Revered for being the only company that produces bundles at the source, Indique made an estimated $7.1 million in 2013 alone.

Below Indique’s co-founder Erica Dotson dishes on her million dollar mane business, gives her opinion on fall hair trends and explains how her brand continues to make it rain on the competition.

What made you want to get into the extensions business?

I simply love hair! When I decided to leave the corporate world and step into the salon environment, I knew I was making a monumental move towards enhancing my future and peace of mind. Doing what I loved was important to me. I have always been intrigued by the art of hair extensions, the skill-set needed as a stylist to pull off flawless results, and the dramatic ‘new style’ reveal that unfolds within a few hours of time. Initially, (when I changed my career path) I had no idea hair extensions would lead me into co-founding a national hair brand, I just knew there was something special about this art, and there was a vast opportunity for me as I began to discover all that it had to offer.

Extensions are so popular these days, what makes Indique unique from other extensions brands?

Indique does not depend on various vendors when sourcing the hair. We source our own hair and we have our own factory. In our factory, we analyze, sanitize, color, and weft the hair. This benefit sets us apart from other extension brands because we have the ability to regulate quality assurance from start to finish.

What celebrities are part of your clientele?

We have a wide range of amazing clients who happen to be in the entertainment industry such as Ciara, Brandy, Jennifer Lawrence, Skylar Diggins, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Rowland, LaLa and the list goes on!

Last year the company made 7.1 Million and saw a huge 3-year growth, what do you attribute that to?

We have multiple boutiques in major cities across the nation and abroad in South Africa. The majority of these boutiques opened within the past three years. In the past, it was difficult to find stores that carried premium hair. Women had no choice but to purchase hair online for mail delivery. Indique has filled this void by providing our clients the ability to choose her hair. Each piece of Indique hair is unique, whether it be a tonal or textural difference. Therefore, our professional consultation, paired with reviewing and touching the hair is an important step in the selection process that our clients love.

What has been the response to the lower prices for the SEA collection?

Leading up to the relaunch, I was super excited about responding to the needs of our fashionable, budget-conscious client. Our clients love the fact they they can have the same quality hair at a lower price point. The texture and length options in the SEA Collection are perfect for all of the latest hair trends, and you can switch it up more often without going broke.
What do you think the new hair trends will be this fall?
Fall is the time to try something new. The angled bob with rich, warm color will be trending and believe it or not, a modern take on the mullet for those who want to be edgy and current.

How can readers learn more about Indique?

BOSSIP readers can visit for detailed information about our hair textures, videos to help you maintain your hair, premium hair facts, and celebrity Indique style pics.

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