How to Create 7 Streams of Income From ONE Business without a MLM.

Step 1: Ask yourself a question: 

What do I get excited about? 
What do I Love and enjoy doing?
What am I knowledgeable in right now?
What talents do I possess right now that your EMPLOYER is benefitting from.

Step 2: Write your answers in Step 1 down in a journal or notebook.

Step 3: Learn how to create your own business.

Step 4: Create Your Website. Shopify offers a 14 Day FREE TRIAL HERE.

Step 5: Create a Free Blog on

Step 6: Build an Audience for your Business & Brand. 
Using Facebook Ads
Social Media Influencers can help you grow your audience.
Be sure to create a page/presence on all of the major Social Media Players:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest
Add CONSISTENT content & value DAILY to your audience.

Start a Facebook Group ~ Facebook Groups are Powerful in growing your Brand.

Step 7: Attract people to you WITH FREE GIVEAWAYS instead of Chasing folks saying "Buy My Stuff".

Step 8: As your audience grows create your 7 streams of income.

1. Charge for audience features.

2. Charge for Ads to be featured on your social media pages.

3. Generate daily income with your blog. - Google Adsense and Sponsored Posts.

4. Sell physical products on your website.

5. Create a digital product and sell it on your website - ebook, video course etc.

6. Join and sell affiliate products that would fit your target market, and add them to your Blog.

7. Charge for speaking gigs/private or group coaching.

If you need more help in putting this all together 
Learn More Here.