Meet Black Americans Who Are Among USA's Richest 1%

According to Forbes Magazine, Oprah Winfrey is the richest African American with $2.9 billion in net worth. 

Sheila Johnson is one of them. Johnson is the co-founder of Black Entertainment Television, chief executive of Salamander Hotels & Resorts and she owns a stake in three professional sports teams, including the NBA's Wizards, the NHL's Capitals and the WNBA's Mystics.

Eddie Brown, a Baltimore-based hotelier and chief executive of Brown Capital Management agrees. Brown and his wife Sylvia are also part of the 1% and seek to help other people of color get ahead through philanthropy and other initiatives.

Brown also tries to stay connected to African Americans who haven't reached the elite 1%. Just a few minutes away from The Ivy Hotel, the Brown's lush Relais & Châteaux, is a corner barbershop in a much poorer part of Baltimore where Brown gets his hair cut.

We also have Robert F. Smith, Michael Jordan, Jay Z, and P Diddy among many others who possess some real money. 

Most of these people have literally worked their way up the latter to rest among America’s richest 1%.
Note, however, that Blacks only make 1.7% of the richest 1%, which is a percentage that’s proportionately low.

There are only a few Black American billionaires and the richest among them doesn’t even feature among top 200 richest in America. Still, it’s deserved to acknowledge the Blacks who have defied all odds to join the league of America’s richest 1%, whose minimum household net worth is $7.87 million.

There is no denying that there is systematic and institutionalized racism that makes it more difficult for Black Americans to secure jobs, own homes or accumulate wealth.

Regardless of this stay focused and Think Big.