READ The Beautiful 51 Year Old Elise Neal's fitness tips. #BlackDontCrack

Elise Neal, who graced the January 2017 cover of Black Fitness Today magazine, continues to amaze social media with how physically fit and extremely youthful she is at 51.

With the buzz surrounding her health and fitness accomplishments, the actress announced recently plans to host more fitness boot camps, #EliseBodyBootCamp, as well as traveling to Jamaica to host a “Fit Trip” later this year in November.

“I’m not sad about being 51. I love how I feel. I won my age,” told the site XONecole in an interview. 

“I train and work out really hard regardless of whether I’m in a film or if I have to do something physical for a project or not. I’ve enjoyed being fit my whole life,” Neal said.

She also attributes her fitness lifestyle to living a happier life. She stated, “I just love it. I feel better, I sleep better, and I don’t get angry with people so much. It helps me all the way around.”
In order to avoid breaking that ritual, Elise Neal carves out at least an hour a day to work out. She tries her best to mix up her workouts including squats, yoga and dance cardio.

Neal makes it a point to maintain a clean diet as well. She does indulge in something greasy and carnivorous every now and again, if the urge hits her. She claims, “I’m still a girl that was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, so I do occasionally still eat meat and things like that.”

“If I’m craving a hamburger, I’m going to have a hamburger — I’m just going to work out really hard the next day. But I’m not going to have five bags of chips or a full plate covered in foods and sauces. I’ll have a small plate of the things I like to eat. I do love salad and I do eat a lot of fruits of vegetables.”
The trick to staying toned and firm at any age is to include strength training in your routine. The more weight training Neal does, the more her metabolism speeds up and burns calories.
Neal does acknowledge that her metabolism is not the same due to her age. She said, “I believe that as you get older, you need to do more weight training.” Being a celebrity doesn’t stop aging and her body has the same issues that anyone who gets older would have. Neal just remains more dedicated to actively shortening that gap in metabolism caused by age.
Her advice? “Everything is attainable, you just have to be ready to work.”