Tyra Banks~Tyra Beauty will end it's Direct Sales Force on July 1st, 2017~ ending the #beautytainers #mlm

Note From Tyra: 

"Good Morning, 

I’m coming to you with some heartfelt and important news. A lot of people have come to me with advice on what to say, what not to say, to keep it all business, you know the drill. And after all of that input, I have decided to come directly to you and communicate candidly. 

This Company is so precious to me. I have invested so much of my heart, soul and own funds into this business and have been working with an amazing HQ team to make it a success. When we decided to launch in the direct sales channel as part of our multi-channel strategy, I felt direct sales was aligned with my goals and my mission. Whether it’s through makeup, through a community of positivity, support and love or through a business where one could earn an income, everyone deserves access to the tools, tips and tricks to transform what they’ve got into what they want. 

We’ve broken so many records. YOU have broken so many records, and I’m so proud of that. Our launch was so major, to handle the immense demand, we decided to gate the entry and start with a small but Fierce 200 just about 2 years ago, and quickly grew to thousands upon thousands of you! You have reached so many people with your energy and your confidence and the message resonated. Our business doubled year over year for the past few years and we have so many of you to thank! 

However, our success and positive momentum in the direct sales channel has come at a price. Over the last year, it has become increasingly clear that there are challenges with this channel that are simply not compatible with my mission and ultimately the business. In particular, the volatility and disadvantageous occurrences we have all witnessed amongst a small group of people in the TYRA Beauty field have hurt the morale and distracted our larger sales force who have been trying to build a positive, supportive, respectful and loving community. 

This Spring, we paused discussions about future events, training, incentives and support to evaluate these challenges in the field and create solutions for you. You, the group of positive and amazing BTs (you know who you are!), deserve more. But a continued investment from HQ in this channel will not change the challenging dynamic in the field, which I know most of you can agree is so far from my, and your, positive outlook for our Company's goals and is also very far from my original mission. 

So, with a heavy heart, on July 1st, the Direct Sales channel for the business will close. We will continue to offer our products through eCommerce and other channels and we are excited to continue to share our mission and our message. 

For the majority of our sister (and brother) hood, who are filled with positivity, love and support for our brand, I want you to know how much we all appreciate you and how hard it is for us to say goodbye. The love for you will run deep always.

While this Company may be saying goodbye to direct sales, we continue to support the efforts that so many other direct sales companies out there are making to support entrepreneurship. We encourage all of you to continue to pursue your dreams and we know those strong and mighty companies will be lucky to have someone as strong and mighty as you. 

Shortly after this email, you will be receiving another communication with more details from HQ. Throughout the month we will be celebrating all of you and the amazing things you have done in our community. Along our journey, I have been blessed to get to know many of you. I've experienced some of your beautiful stories in person or through your engaging social media posts. I've seen your beauty, inside and out. And your beauty is so precious, it's like a rare gem. You are the honorable entrepreneurs. You are the commendable CEOs. YOU are the exemplary ones I built this Company for. And for that, I thank you deeply. 

You will always have a special place in my heart. 

Forever... "

Fierce & Love, 


Let this be another Lesson from the MLM industry. 
You do not own the Business. 
You have no say or control of the owners or their decisions. 
Have a Plan B and build YOUR OWN BRAND. 
It can be ripped from under you at anytime!

Don't Give Up. Invest your earnings into building your own business & brand.
Take what you have learned and Build Your Own Business.