Mega Millions and Powerball ending in Illinois due to no budget being passed.

Via The Chicago Tribune,

Lottery players will no longer be able to purchase Powerball or Mega Millions tickets in Illinois after the end of this month due to state lawmakers' inability to pass a budget, lottery officials said Thursday.
"It is disappointing that the Legislature's inability to pass a budget has led to this development and will result in Illinois Lottery players being denied the opportunity to play these popular games," Acting Illinois Lottery Director Greg Smith said in a written statement. "This is why it's so critical the General Assembly deliver a balanced budget to the governor's desk that he can sign."
Lottery spokesman Jason Schaumburg said Powerball will be suspended after the June 28 drawing, and Mega Millions will be suspended after the June 30 drawing.

A spokeswoman for the Multi-State Lottery Association, which runs Powerball, declined to confirm that a decision had been made to end sales of that game.
"The Multi-State Lottery Association is focused on protecting the integrity of its games and the experience of its players," MUSL spokeswoman Anna Domoto said in a written statement to the Tribune. "We work closely with the Illinois Lottery, and all lotteries selling Powerball, to achieve those objectives…. Matters involving the Illinois Lottery should be directed to Illinois officials."