Natural Hair Blogger Tameka “Meechy Monroe” Dies at 32-years-old From A Brain Tumor.

Tameka was a popular beauty blogger whose YouTube videos have gotten nearly three million views, Monroe has gained a devoted following among African-American women, whom she encourages to celebrate their natural hair.
Being one of four sister in a close-knit Chicago family, Monroe chemically straightened her hair in her teens and early 20s. But after being tired of bad haircuts and chemically damaged hair, in 2009, she cut it off, grew an Afro and began experimenting with new styles.

It was those experimentations that she filmed on youtube and found herself answering questions, gaining fans and helping others with their journey as well. Her and her sister, Ms. Vaughn, were known in the blogging community as The Monroe Sisters.

Meechy suffered from a life-threatening brain tumor, a rare sarcoma (vascular cancerous tumor). This type of tumor caused her to suffer from multiple mild strokes, which forced her to endure certain challenges physically and with her speech. 
On April 15, 2014 Meechy found herself having an unexplained stroke, where she experienced numbness in her right hand, slurred speech and facial drooping. This was the first of 3 strokes and 2 brain surgeries.
She was also diagnosed with Aphasia, a disturbance in the formulation and comprehension of language, due to damage to brain tissue areas responsible for language. And as if that weren’t enough, rather than lose her hair, she opted to have her hair shaved and donated to Locks of Love, a not-for-profit organization which focuses on Cancer patients coping with hair loss.
Photo Credit: Nancy Stone/Chicago Tribune

After losing her hair and feeling ill much of the time, she didn’t sink into sorrow, but simply said, “I lost all my hair, I had the worst year of my life, but you know what? I’m still the same person, still the same soul,” she says. “I’ve learned not to take my health for granted and to live in the moment. I’m grateful for every second of living on this earth.”

After her initial cancer diagnosis, Monroe transformed her blog from a discussion of the latest hairstyles and beauty tips to talking about her cancer and her journey back to health.

Monroe was always one to encourage others and it showed when she was asked what’s the best advice she could give to her fans, . “Realize what was given to you and work it to your advantage. OWN IT! Learn your hair…listen to your hair…and love your hair. Once you are more in tune with your individual strands be patient and willing to alter your hair care techniques/styles as you hair grows and thickens.”
RIP Meechy. Many Prayers for this Family.