The Internet Provides a Number of Opportunities for Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Nearly every business Industry is moving online, so if you are ready to JUMP in the Entrepreneur Lane, there is no better time to start a business then it is now.

Not sure what type of online business you should start? 

Easy. Sell what you already have: your knowledge. Offer your knowledge or expertise in a package. For example, in the form of an ebook or a webinar. 

Advantages: Start Small

Minimal Investment is Needed
Minimal Overhead
Produce One Time and continue to get paid over & over again. 

Build Your Brand and Grow Your Community.

Once you have created your product - your work is not done.
You have to Market and Promote your product.

Focus on Growing your Leads~ Email Campaigns, Connecting with Social Influencers, Facebook Ads, Social Media & SEO. 

Use the Stair-Step Approach ~ Small Investment in the Beginning.
Use the proceeds from the first campaign towards marketing the next one.
Continue this Cycle. 

Drop Shipping:

You only handle the up-front aspects of marketing and sales.

Partner with a Distributor
Set up your Online Store
Market & Sell Your Products

No Storing Inventory
No Shipping
Very little Start-Up Capital

Revenue Model~ Your Selling Price - The Wholesale Price = Your Profit

Selling on Etsy:

Sell your Crafts.
Etsy total Sales in 2016 Quarter 2 ~ $669.7 Million Dollars

97% of Etsy Shop Owners run their business from Home.
18% say that it is their FULL TIME JOB.
88% of U.S. Etsy Sellers are Women

An Example Success Story:
Alicia Shaffer sells Socks, Scarves & Headbands
Earns $80,000 a Month
Receives 150 Orders a Day ~ $2,667 per day ~ Each order averages $17.78 at 150 Orders a Day. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Promote a Company's Product and get a commission from the links you have on your site, blog, social media etc. 
Grow your following & readership.

Advantages ~ No Inventory
No Shipping
This Industry is Projected to Grow to $6.5 Billion Dollars by 2021

You can choose to do one of these Models or all four of them.

Business Tip: Choose ONE, focus on building that one into a successful business producing profits. 
Once successful, then add more. 

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