WATCH CHANCE THE RAPPER on the View Respond to the Lebron James Hate Crime.

Three time Grammy winner, Chance the Rapper, paid a visit to The View to speak to the ladies about his music, success and Chicago.  Before talking about himself, Whoopi Goldberg did not hesitate to ask the rapper about one of the most recent headlines.

“I was wondering what you thought of the insanity that happened on LeBron’s gate?” asked host Goldberg, in reference to the racist vandalism that occurred at LeBron James’ home on May 31.
“It’s kind of a common pattern in America’s history,” responded Chance. “People who look like me get to a certain point success– I mean LeBron James, to me, is the greatest of all time basketball player. People want to remind you, well how they view you, as a second class citizen. And you know, it’s not much you can do other than keep thriving. Shout out to LeBron.”
The conversation then shifted to Chance’s own success which he credits a lot of the decisions he’s made with the inspiration of Dave Chappelle.