7 Simple Steps to Start An Online Boutique.

You can operate a fully functioning online boutique on the go thanks to apps like Shopify, Paypal and Instagram.

  • Choose an eCommerce Platform There are plenty of websites to help you get your online store up and running within minutes. 
  • Shopify is a popular choice and they offer a FREE TRIAL. 

  • Know Your Market Before you get started you should already have a pretty good idea of who you are going to sell to. By knowing ahead of time which demographic you are targeting it’ll make it easier when it comes time to purchase inventory.

  • Purchase Inventory Depending on your price point stocking up on inventory can be expensive, but you should have at least 20 different products to start out with. A few wholesale sites worth checking out are dresslink.com and aliexpress.com Have enough inventory on hand for your first months worth of sales.

  • Photoshoot Now comes the fun part. After you have received your start-up inventory it’s important to take some great photos for your website! Professional photos are great. However, if you’re not able to book a model, photographer and hair and make up crew invite a few of your friends over and take pictures of each other modeling the merchandise.

  • Upload Products Depending on the ecommerce platform you chose in the first step, uploading your products should be as simple as adding a picture, title caption and pricing. Don’t forget your size and color variables. The site will also give you options to set your shipping rates, return policy and payment methods.

  • Advertise When it comes to marketing your online shop social media is a popular solution. Instagram allows you to market your brand directly to your customers for free. All you need are great images and the right hashtags. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are also useful platforms.

  • Getting Paid Paypal is a popular payment method that can be linked to your online store with a click of a button. Once a customer makes a payment the funds are usually available to you almost immediately. You can choose to withdraw your funds to your bank account or get it off of your paypal debit card at an ATM. You can even print your shipping labels directly from paypal’s website.

Starting your online store is the easy part. However, running an online store takes work! Customer service is key. 

As with any business you want to make sure your customers are happy. Making sure orders are shipped out on time, quality control, and handling returns/exchanges are all very important.

Heather Sanders is the CEO of ‘Sorella Boutique,’ an online boutique that houses cute, trendy and fashionable finds. 
The 27 year old entrepreneur recently opened up about the success of her online boutique, how she got started and her ability to rake in a little less than a million last year. 
Peep some highlights and watch the entire video below!

On How She Started Her Business:
"Everyone around me was young and rich and entrepreneurs and had everything on their own so it was important for me to have something of my own. I didn’t want to just follow my boyfriend around and travel with him for a year and be a freeloader and be that girl. He took me along with him ever since I moved to LA and I just hooked up as much game as I could."
On If She Thinks Owners Should Wear Their Own Clothes
"Yes! You are your biggest marketing tool. You are your brand."

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