Grant and Tamia Hill Celebrate 18 Years Of Marital Bliss.

Grant Hill and Tamia celebrate 18 years of marital bliss, and even after all these years, Hill still knows how to put a move on his wife's heart.

For 18 years, Tamia and Grant Hill have proved they have staying power and a love that stands the test of time. 

Tamia married Grant Hill on July 24,1999. Their daughter, Myla Grace Hill was born on January 23, 2002. Their second daughter Lael Rose Hill was born August 9, 2007.

When you look their pictures over the years, you’ll see just how far they’ve come and they haven’t aged at all. 
The two love birds look exactly the same.

Tamia and Grant Hill were introduced by Anita Baker over 20 years ago. They dated for three years before tying the knot. 

Tamia and Grant are a great example of how True Love really does exist.

Congratulations to the Happily Married Couple.