Kevin Hart Laughs Off and Responds To Cheating Rumors.

Rumors swirled after a video surfaced online that appears to show the 38-year-old comedian in the back seat of a Lexus with a mystery woman at 5 am on July 3 in Miami.
Rumor has it that Kevin picked up the brunette at a Miami nightclub, and that the woman set him up by tipping off the paparazzi.

Kevin Hart initially laughed off the cheating rumors.
He posted a meme on social media of himself laughing with a banner which read, “At the end of the day, you just gotta laugh at the BS” on social media. He added in the caption: “#LiveLoveLaugh… SMDH (Shaking my damn head).”

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But Kevin got very serious during an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Thursday.
“It’s absolutely not true,” he said of the cheating rumors. “It’s Miami, the clubs close at 6 am, so I was actually going home early.”
The mystery woman in the car as Miami singer Monique, who is best known for her song “El Perdon,” featuring Pitbull.

Fans believe Kevin gave Monique a ride home from the club — and she returned the favor by giving him a “ride home” in the back seat of the car.
But Monique was quick to deny any sort of misconduct with a married man.
She responded to the claims in a direct message chat with Power 96 presenter Lucy Lopez on Thursday.
According to Lopez, when asked about the video, Monique replied: “When they make something out of nothing you just gotta laugh – I know who I am and my truth.

Eniko Hart, the 32-year-old first-time mom shared a selfie showing off her baby bump on Instagram.