LL Cool J Asks Fans To Help Find Maia Campbell After Relapse Video Surfaces.

Via Fameolous: Maia has been released by the "jail" and now back at home.

Maia Campbell is being held at the Dekalb County for a mental health evaluation. The jail will hold Maia Campbell until her family and intervention team arrive to take her to a place that can help. We got video of one of the people who found Maia Campbell on the street talking about it. 

She wrote,
“It’s been a hectic negotiating day, It’s not easy Maia Campbell is being held by Dekalb County for evaluation while her family and intervention team can find a way. She’s safe for tonight. 

Thank you for all the inbox and support I’ll do it from my heart. I also have children and I pray if the going through someone stand with them like a angel on a mission. There’s no shame just be loving and present and listen to the dynamic of the story. 

We all have them some hidden some obvious but none is perfect especially with mental illness is real. Love your children and love one. Stop glamorizing negative behavior and expecting more but when we get what we painted embrace it too. God is love Intervention is caring. No one is famous but we all are human so imperfect.”

Watch the Beautiful Maia in Tyrese's Video "Lately."

LL Cool J took to Twitter Sunday night July 9th, 2017 to ask fans, followers and anyone who may have a connection to his former co-star Maia Campbell for help. Video footage surfaced over the weekend of the actress high on drugs in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

The 39-year-old was seen missing a tooth while pumping gas and demanding crack. The former In The House
 actress also alleged to have been raped by a man she says thought he was Bill Cosby. The disheartening video below, which has garnered nearly 200,000 views, is said to have been leaked by Campbell’s supplier.

Maia Campbell has responded to LL Cool J's offer to help her out, but she doesn’t want the help. In fact, Maia doesn’t want him to see her in this way and she says her mental health is bothering her.

#LLCool J is seeking contact info for his former costar #MaiaCampbell after a recent viral video revealed that she has relapsed and is back on drugs. 🙏🏽

Prayers for Maia and her Family that she gets the help that she needs.