Makeva Jenkins Murder Suspected To Be For The Insurance Money.

Photos Via Facebook

People suspect that Makeva’s husband had his wife murdered her for life insurance money, due to a post she made weeks before her death.

In addition Makeva’s husband, Euri Jenkins, did an interview with the news a day after her murder and he didn’t appear to be mourning at all.

The Husband says he was with Makeva just after 1:30 in the morning, inside their home in West Palm Beach Florida when a masked gunman forced the couple, a friend and their children at gunpoint, to go upstairs. 

They persuaded the gunman to let the children leave the house before they were forced to lie facedown on the floor. Euri Jenkins then saw the gunman shoot his wife in the head. “I held her in my arms, she was alive” said an emotional Jenkins. “I will never forget.”

There are also allegations that the Husband was cheating on his wife and that he had a "Side Baby" during their Marriage in 2015. He was also spotted at a strip club the night after his Wife was Murdered. 

I think this Murder or "Hit" was planned and had nothing to do with what Makeva posted on Facebook about making six figures.

Prayers for Makeva, her Children & Family.