SEE More Photos Of Usher's Accuser Ms. Angel Valentino-Sharpton aka "Quantasia Sharpton".

Photos Via Facebook

1. Her name is apparently not Quantasia Sharpton, according to Fameolous, it’s Quantasia Ownes. She also goes by the name, Angel Valentino, on social media.

2. Her friends outed her on social media after watching her press conference about Usher. In a video grab of their Facebook Live chat, they called her a habitual liar and laughed at her alleged ‘lies’ about having had sex with Usher.

Via Fameolous ~ Update- The girl Quantasia Sharpton aka Angel Valentino lied on @usher. I can confirm that she never went back to the room with him let alone spent alone time with him. The truth is the girl is very delusional and she is known for being a liar. 

Her story about it being her birthday is a lie. She lied to get into the event and when it was over she went back to her cheap hotel. I have witnesses who can account to this. She lied on @augustalsina as well telling people she “ran” a train on him and also lied about having twins. 

There was a time when she told people she was in a relationship with Keith Powers and she edited Luke James Wikipedia page to say that they were in a relationship. She met some dude name Jon Connor in the industry and got his name tatted on her the next day. On Monday she on was on Facebook begging for money‍.

Tameka Foster ~ Miss Me with the BS.....

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