19 Year Old Joevan Joseph Is Charged With First-Degree Murder In The Killing Of 33 Year Old Entrepreneur Makeva Jenkins.

Joevan Joseph, 19, said, “I didn’t do it,” as PBSO deputies transported him to a sheriff’s vehicle at the jail.

The Husband says he was with Makeva just after 1:30 in the morning, inside their home in West Palm Beach Florida when a masked gunman forced the couple, a friend and their children at gunpoint, to go upstairs. 

They persuaded the gunman to let the children leave the house before they were forced to lie facedown on the floor. Euri Jenkins then saw the gunman shoot his wife in the head. “I held her in my arms, she was alive” said an emotional Jenkins. “I will never forget.”

Sheriff’s authorities stayed quiet about the investigation, not commenting on a motive or suspect after the attack. The arrest comes after, Sheriff’s authorities seized phones, a Comcast bill and envelopes from the home less than a week after Jenkins was killed. 

Those records indicate their home was “occupied by or under the control of” Jenkins’ husband, Euri. We know if more arrests are coming.