BLACK WALL STREET ~ Transportation Company Called Day Runner Connects Users With Industry Professional Contractors For Fast, and Reliable Service.


Day Runner is ready for Wall Street and investors are eager to get in on the boom with the privately held American on-demand transportation company that has the potential to be bigger than Uber. 

Day Runner is more than a ride share and delivery app that connects users with the industry’s most professional contractors for fast, and reliable service. 

Percy “Master P” Miller, Marvin Walker (The President & Founder), and the Day Runner Technology Team have created an app that’s a game changer for the fast-paced courier and delivery service customer.

Marvin Walker is a US Marine who has been in the courier industry for over 8 years since exiting the music industry.

The ride share and delivery app connect users with industry professional contractors for fast, and reliable service.
Day Runner provides 24 hour around the clock rides and delivery service that individuals and business owners alike need. 

The app will also assist with a wide variety of needs that include, but not limited to, supplies pick-up, meal deliveries, vehicle drop-offs to the dealership for service; or replacement drivers for other courier businesses.

Day Runner puts businesses and individuals in a position to operate more effectively, by saving time and making more profits.

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