Kanye and Kim Kardashian West Are Expecting A Baby Girl Via Surrogate.

Via TMZ, the baby is due in late January of 2018 and they are expecting a Baby Girl. 

A San Diego mom in her late 20s, referred by an agency — is three months along in her pregnancy, which means may welcome baby No. 3 in January of 2018.

The woman has reportedly served as a surrogate before, even appearing in a promotional video about the process with her own family.

The parents to North, 4, and Saint, 19 months, have agreed to pay $45,000 in 10 monthly installments of $4,500, according to a TMZ report. 

In the case of multiples, Kardashian and West will fork over $5,000 per additional child. This is all in addition to the whopping $68,850 deposit given to the agency.

"I have so many siblings and I love it, they're my best friends and I would love that for my kids.” But two pregnancies plagued by placenta accreta, a potentially life-threatening condition, have forced Kim to consider alternative options, rather than enduring another high-risk situation. 

Other stipulations in the surrogate contract focus on the surrogate's wellness habits. 

No drinking, No smoking or drug use; no hot tubs or saunas; no raw fish; and no handling cat litter. 

Congratulations to the West Family.