READ ABOUT ~ How Tashina Brown Overcame Her Fear And Frustration To Launch Her Cert@inly Blessed LLC Inspirational T-Shirt Line.

When I was growing up, I've always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I thought dressing up was for special events only. Such as birthdays or holidays. 
Still to this day, I love wearing t-shirts. You can dress them up or be casual. T-shirts are comfortable, easy to wear and offer convenience. 

Owner Of Cert@inly Blessed LLC ~ Tashina Brown

Over the years of dreaming to open my own business fear kept me hostage. 
The programming in which I was taught during childhood, go to school, get a job and retire in 30 to 40 years. I never knew I could become an entrepreneur. It wasn't an option where I lived. 
I didn't get into the game (business) until 2014. However, I launched my first business and it flopped. 
With my pride hurt and no support I put my dreams back on the shelf until 2017. 

I began to go over all the hurdles I overcame in life. The realization sunk in and I started to become WHO I AM. 

I no longer had to question my abilities or my journey. I was better then fear, frustration and anything else holding me back. So I launched Cert@inly Blessed LLC., an inspirational t-shirt line. 
A shirt with a message as well as fashion accessories. Executing a phenomenal customer experience is my goal. 

I want women of all ages around the world to realize who they are! No matter what... 
We All Are Cert@inly Blessed!!!

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