LEARN From Rihanna's BOSS MOVES In Business.


Rihanna is a Woman of many talents and has also proven herself as a successful business woman.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a wantrapreneur, there are several business lessons we can all learn from Rihanna.

In 2005, Rihanna had an endorsement deal with Secret Body Spray. This opportunity led her to create her own fragrance brand. 

She released her first fragrance, “Reb’I’Fluer” in January of 2011, and the success of this fragrance led her to release more successful fragrances, including male versions.

In 2014, Rihanna partnered with Puma in creating a women’s collection in apparel and footwear called “Fenty x Puma.” 
The following year she released her first sneaker and it sold out within hours of the launch. 

Rihanna partnered with Stance in creating a sock collection, “Fenty for Stance by Rihanna.” This collection is continuing to reach benchmarks.

Rihanna’s collaborations with Secret Body Spray, PUMA and Stance gave her the opportunity to reach a more diverse population of consumers.
In 2013, Rihanna collaborated with MAC Cosmetics in creating her own collection called “RiRi hearts MAC,” which featured lipsticks and lipgloss.  

In September 2017, Rihanna revealed “Fenty Beauty.” This highly anticipated makeup line broke the internet for several days. 
Fenty Beauty features foundations and highlighters that will complement a wide range of skin tones, and she made it a goal to focus on the foundations for darker complexions. 

Fenty Beauty shows us important business lessons: 
The importance of OWNING YOUR OWN BRAND of products & services.
The importance of appealing to consumers’ desires Rihanna made it a priority to include all women in her line, but specifically women of color. 

The Importance of Collaborations when you are first starting out in business.
“Do your (market) research! This means listening to what the business game is missing. 
Fenty Beauty has attracted and satisfied thousands of consumers.
Take a book out of Rihanna's Business Blueprint and go out their and solve your target market's problem.