PRAYERS ~ The Eldest Daughter Of Eric Garner Erica Has Died This Morning At The Age Of 27 Years Old.

UPDATE:  The Eldest Daughter of Eric Garner has Died this morning at the age of 27 years old.
"She passed away this morning."

Unfortunately, Doctors have listed the daughter of police chokehold victim Eric Garner as brain dead.
The 27-year-old remained on life support Thursday morning, her mother Esaw Snipes said. 
 “She’s not gone, she’s brain dead,” Garner’s heartbroken mother explained. “Physically she is still with us.” according to the NY Daily News.

Erica has been in a coma since Saturday, when an asthma attack triggered a heart attack. 
 The person running her popular Twitter account told Garner’s 35,000 followers Wednesday that a CAT scan revealed that she had suffered brain damage “from lack of oxygen while in cardiac arrest.”

"As we sent prayers sorry to hear the news. RIP @es_snipes. That family still needs us #Garner," Williams tweeted.
She also suffered her first heart attack shortly after the delivery of her son who she named after her father, with doctors saying the pregnancy stressed her already enlarged heart.

Many Prayers For The Family.