Married To Medicine's Dr. Simone Whitmore Is Divorcing Her Husband Cecil Whitmore After 21 Years Of Marriage.

Dr. Simone first shared the news with PEOPLE in an interview on Thursday. She said that things really fell apart about a month after they dropped their son Miles, 19, off at college. “Cecil and I had a disagreement,” she explained. “We were trying to talk through it — with sometimes tense, sometimes normal negotiations in process — and he woke up on Saturday morning, we had a blow-up. I knew that day that my marriage was over.”
Dr. Simone OGBYN said that she filed for divorce in October 2017, and she plans to have the paperwork finalized when she returns home to Atlanta. “There is no if here, there are no games. I am not pretending, I am done,” Dr. Simone shared. “I have reached a place where I am in a marriage where I do not feel loved and no sacrifices are being made for me to make me feel loved. I must move on.”

She told PEOPLE that they “let life take over” after filming with their busy schedules as parents to sons Miles and Michael, 15. "The problem is we should have continued counseling, and we did not,” Dr. Simone said.