SEE VIDEO ~ Mo'Nique Explains What Bankability Means By Comparing Her Box Office Numbers To Amy Schumer's.

"We've been in a lot of conversation in reference to bankability, so we thought we'd do a little fact-checking. We've got some information from Box Office Mojo." Sydney says. "In 2017, Amy Schumer did a film called "Snatched." That film made $45 million domestically. 

In 2016, I did a film called "Almost Christmas. That film made $42 million domestically," From there, Mo'Nique chimes in. "Amy Schumer's budget for 'Snatched' was $42 million, and it made $45 million. And it was in how many theatres? 3,511. That's a $3 million profit. 'Almost Christmas' budget was $17 million and made $42 million. That's a $25 million profit. And how many theatres was it in? 2,379. 

Could somebody please make it make sense? And can you see the disparity in that number and what bankability really is?"

MoNique says Netflix only offered her $500,000 for a comedy special while providing Amy Schumer $11 million. Over the weekend, she called for a boycott of the service. The next day in an interview with TMZ, she called herself "The most decorated comedian alive."