Some Wells Fargo Customers Found Their Bank Accounts Drained To ZERO Due To A Bank Glitch.

Some Wells Fargo customers found their bank accounts drained to ZERO Wednesday when a glitch caused their online bill payments to be processed twice.
Many customers -- so many that Wells Fargo’s customer service phone lines were jammed Wednesday night -- were discovering that recent payments they had made using the bank’s online Bill Pay system had been deducted twice from their checking accounts.
In some cases, that sent customers’ balances to zero -- or below zero -- and triggered the possibility of overdraft protection fees. 
Some customers received email notices telling them that they now had no money in their checking accounts.
Customers who waited out the hour-plus wait to reach a customer service representative Wednesday night were being told that their accounts would be fixed overnight. 
By Thursday morning, some customers did report seeing their accounts restored to normal.