Bill Cosby's Daughter Ensa Has Died At 44 Years Old.

Bill Cosby's daughter Ensa has died from renal disease at 44 years old. 

"The Cosby Family thanks many people for their prayers for their beloved and beautiful Ensa," read a statement from the family obtained by CNN. 

Renal disease is a condition that impairs kidney function. Ensa Cosby voiced strong support for her father after he was accused of sexual assault, saying she believed he was innocent. 

"I believe that racism has played a big role in all aspects of this." Ensa Cosby wrote. 

"My father has been publicly lynched in the media," she said. 

"My family, my young daughter, my young niece and nephew have had to stand helplessly by and watch the double standards of pretending to protect the rights of some, but ignoring the rights of others and exposing innocent children to such appalling accusations about someone they love dearly and who has been so loving and kind to them is beyond cruel." 

Ensa Cosby is one of five children born to Bill and his wife, Camille. 

The couple's only son, Ennis, was murdered at the age of 27 in 1997 during a failed robbery attempt.

Prayers for the family.