Woman Chooses To Spend Her Rent Money On Beyonce Tickets and Is Being Evicted.

A College Student in Texas claims that she is being evicted from her apartment after she blew her rent money on Beyonce concert tickets. 

Chyna claims that every word of the story is true, telling BuzzFeed: 'It is real. I got an eviction letter and everything.'

Chyna is still hopeful that things aren't as bad as they seem, however, as she added: 'I’ve never ever been late on rent before so I’m hoping she would have some mercy on me.' 
She added: 'My priorities are definitely in check to be honest. I just am a die-hard Beyonce fan.'

In response to one user saying: 'And I hope you have no regrets,' Chyna responded with a simple zero.
Another wrote: 'Apartments are temporary, Beyonce is forever,' to which Chyna replied that she will be 'putting this on my tombstone.'

Some fans were even petitioning Beyonce to pay for Chyna's rent in recognition of her dedicated fandom, but as of yet, it doesn't seem as if Beyonce has seen the tweet.  

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