Why You Need To Be Building A Facebook Group And Tips To Increase Your Engagement.

You should start building a Facebook group or tribe NOW around your business even if you don't have a business yet. 

Having a Facebook Group is Equivalent to having a Sales Funnel.

Building a more intimate community can help you grow your brand faster and you can also get feedback from your audience about your products & services.

I have built my facebook group to over 20,000 Members and my goal is 100,000 Members and beyond
I execute daily to reach my goals.

I have growth hacks that I teach in my VIP Coaching Group about how to build your own facebook group.

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I am Tracy Wright, a Master Marketer, Social Media Revenue Expert & a Social Media Influencer to my audience of over 5+ Million Fans & Followers.

Here are some tips to grow your facebook group engagement:

1. Post questions in your group regularly. 
Post thought-provoking questions.

2. Encourage people to post in your group. 
You can do this by messaging them privately and asking them to post. People love to know that their viewpoints and ideas are valued. And they are generally flattered if you ask them to post.

3. Comment on other people’s posts. 
Make sure you reply when others post in your group to encourage them to post more. People appreciate getting feedback and love from the group owner.

4. Thank engaged group members via private message. 
When someone posts something in your group, take the time to message them and thank them for putting a post in your group. 

5. Post good content in the group. 
It doesn’t have to be your own content, but you should aim to have at least 3-5 items posted in your group every day.

6. Use Facebook Live to your advantage. 
Make sure you use Facebook Live to your benefit. You don’t need perfect hair, perfect make up or to lose 20 pounds before you do it. 
With the way that Facebook’s algorithms currently work, you get seen by more people and are seen as more interactive. Announce in advance when you’ll be going live to give people a chance to hop on and interact with you.  

7. Host regular challenges.
Initiate challenges frequently in your group to encourage people to get results in their lives or in their businesses. People love a good challenge.
Focus on these seven steps with enthusiasm and consistency, and you’ll be growing one of THE best sales funnels ever for your business.

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