MEET Suzette Opara Who Works Out Of Her Home In Chicago Making Couture Prom Gowns For Black Women.

Suzette Opara and her client via Facebook.

Meet Suzette Opara a dressmaker who hand sews exquisite custom prom gowns. Her pieces are one of a kind creations. 
She sifts through cream, merlot, pink and silver colored fabrics adding embellishments to then put it all together via her sewing machine. 

Without any signage or advertising, Opara has emerged as a premier designer of custom made couture prom gowns for young Black Women in Chicago.

Suzette's Gowns are especially made for her client's body and reflects their individual style and taste.

Suzette also creates wedding gowns and formal dresses for special occasions. She has created gowns for clients for the Stellar Awards, The Oscars and the Grammys. 

Suzette has earned her reputation as a premier gown designer.

PROM has become a family favorite in the black community and tend to go all in for this occasion. 

"Black people, we like to look good, we like to shine and present polished. There are not enough occasions for us to do that, so prom has become one. It's not to be taken lightly."

Suzette did not go to school for fashion, has never apprenticed for a seamstress and is self taught.

"Doing this work, it's all a faith walk. I'm self-taught, so there are some things I'm still learning as I go. Clients trust that what I envision will work. I'm grateful to play a role in their lives and to be a part in their important memories. There's so much attached to it." 

Suzette grew up on the South Side of Chicago, graduated from Longwood Academy and went away to Providence R.I. for college. After obtaining her bachelor's degree from Johnson & Wales University, she hoped to become an actress. 

In 2004 she returned home jobless and to family members who constantly asked her what was she going to do. She then decided that she would start making and selling clothes. She created 17 pieces, dresses skirts and jackets and showcased them in a fashion show that she put together herself. 

Suzette Opara Via Facebook

In 2005 she was hired to create a prom gown for a high school graduate. This led to more clients.
The word spread and Suzette gained a following and a growing client base.

Many of her clients fear showing up to prom with the same dress as somebody else. 
Suzette clients are happy and excited to see and put on their one of a kind creations.

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