Dajerria Becton, The Teenage Girl Who Was Violently Arrested At A Pool Party Won A 6-Figure Settlement.

Dajerria Becton, the teenage girl who was violently arrested at a pool party by a cop twice her size in Texas about three years ago, recently won a $148,000 settlement in the incident and is planning to do another big pool party to celebrate.

Dajerria was only 15 when she was pinned down by a cop, face down in a bikini as police broke up a pool party in McKinney, Texas. 

The video of her arrest went viral and Dajerria and her family sued the city.

The officer Eric Casebolt, resigned a few days after the incident.

Following the incident, Dajerria and her caregiver, Shashona Becton, sued the police department and the city of McKinney for $5 million. 

Under the terms of the settlement, the Bectons, as well as other plaintiffs in the case, were awarded a total of $184,850 last month, with $148,850 of that amount going to Dajerria. 

On Saturday, her attorney, Kim T. Cole, is hosting a pool party for Dejerria to celebrate the victory as well as her high school graduation. Cole said her client plans to use a portion of the money to start a business and that she hopes to become a dentist. 

The settlement announcement came shortly after McKinney Mayor George Fuller referred to Dajerria as a “verbally abusive, disobedient girl,” in an email to a local activist involved in protests of Dajerria’s arrest.